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I’m dedicating this page to a host, a slew, nay (neigh)….a TREASURE TROVE of other websources and books that I’ve found exceptionally handy for paper projects.  Of course, there are a gazillion of resources out there that I’m simply not going to mention, so I encourage you to explore and blaze your own trail.

The Toymaker:    All sorts of paper projects geared towards people of all ages.

Jan Brett:    Author/Illustrator Jan Brett shares her artwork as various projects and how-to’s.  I’d say the site is aimed mostly towards the younger primary-school-age children.  I think her blog is delightful, too.

Dover Clipart:  Free weekly selection of clipart from the Dover Publications company….much of which is coloring pages (if you sign up for the children’s clipart) and much of which is “almost” copyright free.  Way cool.  I recommend their clipart CD collections, too. 

Pigeon Presents:  Author/Illustrator Mo Willems shares ridiculously delightful projects based on his children’s books.  I’m a big fan of the Naked Mole Rat Gets Dressed paper dolls.

Free Public Domain Clipart Blog:  An interesting selection of public domain images along with a bit of enlightening discussion about the image.

Murasaki99 at Deviant Art :  the generous source of horse images used for the flying pegasus craft.

MisterPaint’s ArtRage Stencils  (I’m a huge fan.):


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