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Category Archives: One Way of Looking at It

Hi there!  Well, it’s Springish at long last.  I took a most revealing walk with my dogs a few days ago and the touches of green in the deep woods we visited were quite the welcome site.  I made these two compositions to remind me of the walk…….

Both images are a combination of free stencils from the ArtRage 2 forum community and stencils that I’ve made from my own images.  The novel image of the lady with the feathers is from MizzD at Deviant Art:  Thanks for letting me use the image!

I’ll share a few of the stencils that are from my photos…..

nellie_in_the_garden2_jpg1These two compositions are from photos taken in our back yard last August.  I converted the photos to black and white line drawings and then turned them into stencils for ArtRage 2.  I won’t share the photos of the girls, but I will share the butterfly and rudebeckia blossoms stencils that I pink_lil_gardendance1made as black and white drawings……

It’s a slow day in the house today as we watch it pour down rain outside.  Warm and balmy, Spring is finally opening it’s door. 

Tonight we are predicted to have 50 mph winds.  This just happens to coincide with Mr. Paint over at the ArtRage forums sharing a whole kaboodle of creative commons license artwork.  I meandered through his image sources,  found this image and fell in love…seemed quite suitable to a day like today.  She’d better hold onto that umbrella.  -LSW

Rany day in March

Image source (Mizzd-stock) :

Stencil made from image using IntoCartoon Pro: black_victorian_2_by_mizzd_stock_bw

Tree of Life (India perhaps?)Dreaming, dreaming, dreaming the last few nights after a long break from not many dreams remembered for quite a while.  These most recent dreams are quite crystaline and bring to mind a Tree of Life dream I had many years ago.





Photo souce:  wikicommons

Programs used:  IntoCartoon Pro to make image black and white, ArtRage 2 for the painted layers

Original stencil (and I think it’s super):


Due to a massive but well-intentioned over-feeding in Nellie’s little aquarium, sadly, Belly-bouncer the Molly is no longer with us.   Using my usual methods (find a picture on Wikicommons, ran thru a filter with IntoCartoon and then touch up with ArtRage) I made this tonight to honor Belly-bouncer and the countless gazillions of hapless aquarium fishies.molly_fornellie 

Kind-of reminds me of a postage stamp.  I’ll show it to the girls tomorrow morning and see what they think.

The black & white file I converted from the photo:

Sailfin molly in black and white