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Category Archives: Icons and Avatars



Mairzie, for you!  (The little one is 80 x 80

and the larger is 300 x 300.)


picasion.com_ef857b8441b9e3f3beff06feb158dfdf I think he was originally a Dover Clipart Sample.  Looks like a nice guy but I bet his breath is terrible.

ArtRage 2.5 and Picasion, of course.

Got to clear these off my desktop.  My blog’s going to look like something very threatening with all these blinkin’ blinking icons.  Made with ArtRage 2.5 and Picasion.  If you see something you like and all the blinking doesn’t alter your state of consciousness, rt click to download to your computer and then upload to whatever web community you prefer to haunt.

Swirly vine from here:




Edited to add:  Oh look!   Weeks after posting these, they’ve stopped blinking!  Wonder why?  If you download to your computer, they should blink again.  -LSW