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Monthly Archives: February 2009

These are all made from stencils using ArtRage 2.  Most of the stencils came from the ArtRage 2 forums.  A few:  the rooster, the rising sun, and the scalloped border were drawn by me.

swatch_powder82At the dentist yesterday there was a Country Living magazine kicking around the waiting room.  I’m always a little spellbound by blue and white decor…….it’s embarassing to admit that I like something so popular, but there you have it:  I love looking at modern cottage and country decor magazines.   

swatch_pool82The look is  so feminine.  Calm.  Clean and yet not sterile.  Artfully worn-out.  Totally unrealistic to implement in my life of plastic toys, threadbare carpet and hand-me-downs.  And then I have a competing and perhaps stronger taste for 1950’s-era kitsch…..never shall the twain meet.  Anywho, maybe I’ll decorate my blog  Country-Living Style for a while.

A blue country palette:


boojum_1198970051_156_colorsketch_softWe’ve got two day of soggy, raining, 50 degree weather that will be followed by another plummit into the high of 30 degree days that will probably set the ryhthm for most of March.  It’s good to spend a bit of time working on something bright and exotic….hence these orchid images.  Original photo credit goes to Kathy Puckett, known as “boojum” at Dave’s Garden forums where we met.  Images used with permission, of course.

boojum_1198970051_156_bw1Soooooo…..a friend over at Dave’s Garden who I share pictures with often has generously allowed me to borrow a few of her pictures to play with.  Full credit to the original images goes to Kathy Puckett.  These particular manipulations were created by running Kathy’s pictures thru a program called IntoCartoon Pro to produce sketches.  I then used ArtRage2 to convert the sketches to stencils.  I chose the rollored paint method to color the stencils on textured paper.  Picking up a bit of the paper texture, the effect is almost like a “rub.”  I’m sure, of course, that if you, (unlike moi),  are proficient with the fancy illustrator programs such as Adobe or Corel Draw, you could probably easily achieve the same results.

I, like many people, find orchids endlessly intriguing.  It was interesting to me to see the fine structure of the complex blossoms translated into black and white simple lines; to me, the effect is elegant and rather “cold.”  I like it quite a bit.

This way, you can use her as a coloring page.

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while:  clean up a few files for people to print out in black and white and color (that’s how we’ve been making the mermaid paper dolls in my household.)  Anyway, here is Amethystine and a few of her tails.  This particular Amethystine is slightly different from the original paper doll that I released:  her eyes are closed and she looks rather peaceful……I like to imagine what she’s thinking about.

Mermaid Amethystine from black and white file  Above is an example of how Lily and I colored Amethystine today (I used my new ArtRage 2 program, but it’s the same idea as getting out the crayons, glitter, colored pens and a few stencils…..the toys need picking up and I just plain didn’t have it in me to generate another mess to pick up before I go to work this afternoon.)  Lily wanted a LOT more glitter, but we compromised my adding a bit more pink.  -LSW

The pdf’s for the black and white files: amethystine black and white_pdf1