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Category Archives: How to make this and that for your paper doll


I’ve made a few sets of wings that you can add to your paper dolls to make them into angels, fairies, winged demons, upwardly mobile….you get the idea.  I’ve also included a page with the pdf files below that is a set of instructions on how to attach the wings; the method I’ve come up with is very basic and gives you the handy option of removing the wings if you like; glue them on to make them permanent.

Note the wings lying on the table behind this doll......

Note the wings lying on the table behind this doll......

The wing templates in  this post are sized for the DIY girl paper doll.  With a little fiddling, you should be able to easily come up with your own designs to match existing dolls.

We’ve had a very swell time dumping tons and tons of glitter on the fairy wings that we’ve made for our DIY girl dolls.   A few weeks ago, I scored several sheets of fancy holographic scrapbook paper on clearance at JoAnn’s.  Just the littlest bit of sparkle and shine gives these wings quite a bit of pizazz.  have fun!  -LSW

The pdf’s for download or printing:

wings_colored_samples_pdf1    wings_more_simple_pdf1  wings_howto_pdf1


A friend shows off the clothes she made herself for her DIY-doll

For me, most of the allure of paper dolls is the endlessly entertaining, very economical and quite simple process of making clothes for the dolls.  I don’t much care even if the clothes turn out great; I just plain really enjoy making wee little garments with lots of tabs. 

Oh how I love it!  I eyeball catalogues and look for styles of clothes that are easy to make.  I save bits and pieces of pretty candy wrappers for little doll belts.  My children spill glitter, there’s glue dried on the kitchen table and chairs, our black markers all have blunt tips ….I even treated myself to special titanium blade scissors…..all for the love of making our own paper doll clothes.

Here is an instructional file to get you started:
Whether you’re making clothes for the DIY-doll in the illustrations or for another type of paper doll, the process is the same.  Have fun!