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Category Archives: Black and White Images

fractal_icepinkThe last few evenings before I go to bed, I’ve been playing with a fractal generator that is part of the open-source software, The Gimp:  I converted them into basic grey-scale jpegs to use as stencils in my much beloved ArtRage program and am sharing them with the world at large.  You could use them with just about any graphics program that uses layers….frames, background textures, virtual oilslicks, a computer-generated painting of a surprising imaginary underwater discovery?  As the title suggests, these  graphics  make me think of marbling or ice crytstals on a window, in particular.  These are addictive to make and I find them exciting to play with, so expect more sets of different styles to come soon….

Per my usual habit, these are freebies.  Please don’t redistribute the group without asking first and if you make anything with them, I’d love to see what you’ve made!


orange_lily_acidWant to play? A new group of stencils and photos to match are available here:…ants-129661948 with original photo:…ants-129701326

All images are shared under a creative commons license…..all are based on photos of my plants in my garden in June and July of 2009.


nel_horse_runningAngela Kelly, otherwise known as howling00greywolf on deviant art, generously has allowed me to feature a few of her line-art drawings here.  I love ’em.  We chose a few horsey-types and turned them into stencils for ArtRage.  (I took the liberty to black in the backgrounds so that the kiddos could better stay in the lines.) Later, we will surely print out others to color with markers and the such.  Thank you Angela!

Here’s what the kiddos did with the images as well as a sampling of Angela’s work:


dandelionA few days ago, I took my favourite garden stock photos from this Spring and converted them into black and white sketches.  To make them useful for just about anybody (i.e., including those of us who are not using the fancier graphics programs), I’ve saved them all as jpegs.  There are 33 files compacted into a big fat zip file.  You may download them from my Deviant Art account (select the download option in the upper left-hand corner.  These are free for you to use just as long as you don’t redistribute them without acknowledging me as the original source or claim the originals as yours.  Have fun!

buildabird_stencilsHere’s another project I made alongside my kiddos:  various components to make your own little cute and whimsical birdie collages… can either print out the files, cut them out and trace onto paper as templates or import them into a program to color them in.  In ArtRage 2.5, I loaded them up as stencils.  We’ve played and played with them….haven’t made them yet with real paper, but I think they’ll be cute as the dickens with some of our scrapbook paper.  They would also be sweet cut out of seed catalogs and enhanced with  googly eye decorations.  Included are various birdie bodies, eyeballs, wings, decorations, feet, hats, tails, etc.  All files are in jpeg format so that you can open them easily with various programs.  To faciliate downloading, I’m hosting them on my deviant art account as zip files:    Ta-ta!