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Monthly Archives: June 2009

nel_horse_runningAngela Kelly, otherwise known as howling00greywolf on deviant art, generously has allowed me to feature a few of her line-art drawings here.  I love ’em.  We chose a few horsey-types and turned them into stencils for ArtRage.  (I took the liberty to black in the backgrounds so that the kiddos could better stay in the lines.) Later, we will surely print out others to color with markers and the such.  Thank you Angela!

Here’s what the kiddos did with the images as well as a sampling of Angela’s work:



After much putzing about with different blog templates for wordpress (free edition), I think I’ve finally found my match with Ambiru.  It’s sweet and simple and I love the proportions on the header.  To that extent, here are a few I made up for paperplayday….used my own stock and the ArtRage 2.6 program….you are welcome to help yourself to any of them, but please drop me a line so I can see how my contribution looks on your corner of the internet world and don’t redistribute without my permission.

Knotwork TilesIt’s in the upper 80’s today and humidity is near 100 %….ahhhh, Indiana in mid-June.  Finally turned the air conditioning on for the first time this year and then hid inside all afternoon  with the kiddos and the dogs.  These tiles were created about half-way through the day, breaking up a long session reading on the couch and prefacing a mighty cleaning-up and tiddying housewide effort. 

What will you use them for?  I have one up as a desktop background even as I type.  The files are all jpegs, 320 px. 

knot_tile_orangeCreative commons license.  You can download them from my deviant art  account.

Tree and Sky Collage

We made this a week or so ago on a rainy day…as we get closer and closer to the solstice, the sunsets and the sunrises are becoming quite dramatic.  I thought it’d be fun to celebrate this special time of the year with a little project with my kiddos.

How we made it:

First off, I drew out and scanned a template for the silouhette.   

The template file (click to open and download to print): tree_evening_trace2

I cut out the template and traced it with a white crayon onto black paper while the girls busily painted away at several sheets of sky.  It’s important to note that this project requires stout paper:  we used card stock for the sky and regular ol’ construction paper for the silhouette.  I then cut out our black silhouettes….thought maybe my oldest who is seven could handle the cutting, but it was tricky for me.  I recommend using a hole punch to start the “windows” between the branches.   I made a few moons with left over scraps of tin foil.  I also had an idea that if we poked small holes through the black, it might look like fireflies winking.  That didn’t really work….maybe if we’d made much larger holes and used a tissue paper background?  Anyway, I glued the silouhettes to the skies the next day (took the skies that long to dry out.)  We added the glitter swirls to give the project a touch of magic.


I’ve had a few thoughts about this project….it begs for the silhouette to be done in differnt colors for different seasons…such as a white silohuette against a bright blue sky for winter…or a green silhouette with a meadow of flowers added…..Also, you could easily put an owl on a branch for make little glitter christmas lights…

dandelionA few days ago, I took my favourite garden stock photos from this Spring and converted them into black and white sketches.  To make them useful for just about anybody (i.e., including those of us who are not using the fancier graphics programs), I’ve saved them all as jpegs.  There are 33 files compacted into a big fat zip file.  You may download them from my Deviant Art account (select the download option in the upper left-hand corner.  These are free for you to use just as long as you don’t redistribute them without acknowledging me as the original source or claim the originals as yours.  Have fun!