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Category Archives: Sowena and Boarace Piggums Paper Dolls

sowena_netherlands_hatFirst off, the free pdf files for these paper doll garments (prints in full color or black and white to fit and 8.5″ x 11″ paper:

boarace_netherlands  sowena_netherlands

 For the scantily-clad dolls that this clothing fits and assorted pertinent info, please see this post:

Have fun!  -LSW

Boarace and Sowena visit France!  Their costumes are loosely based on illustrations in a very fine book, Folk Costumes of the World by Robert Harrold & Phyllida Legg (gotta love all those double consonants.)  Anyway, it simply a super book.

The free pdf files:  boarace_france_pdf     sowena_france_pdf1

The original post/files containing the Piggums paper dolls:


I rendered the costumes and decorative accents in ArtRage 2 with pen and ink.  I hunted down and referenced other images on the internet, so there are minor deviations here and there from the original illustrations.  Accent stencils were supplied by the Art Rage forums.

Please note:  Mrs. Sowena is carrying a basket full of grapes.  To make these grapes fit into her original basket, include a large tab on the base of the grapes when you cut them out.  Make a slit or two in the basket held by the doll.  Insert the grapes with tab into the slits on the doll.  Voila!