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Monthly Archives: July 2009

From a photo I took from a nigella volunteer in my garden this year.  I added fractal stencils and other effects with lots and lots of layers with ArtRage 2.5.  Thanks to Wikicommons and DoubleLayer at DeviantArt for the fractal stencils…

(You are welcome to use the image as long as you credit me.)


orange_lily_acidWant to play? A new group of stencils and photos to match are available here:…ants-129661948 with original photo:…ants-129701326

All images are shared under a creative commons license…..all are based on photos of my plants in my garden in June and July of 2009.


One of my pet projects is photography, the vast majority of which I share as stock over at  The above is a sweet and sexxy photomanipulation made with stock images, one of wich is of a white lily from my front yard.  Kudos to CitrusEcstasy—X for your creativity and skill.  Click here to visit the image at its original location.

My original photo (so you can see what she had to work with):

Click here to see where it and other’s of my images are hosted (my handle at deviantArt is Foxytocin)


780px x 260px. A little bit of summer for my blog as I try to wrestle the Chaos Blog Template into something I find attractive.   Made with ArtRage 2.5.  Free for anyone to use, but please don’t redistribute without my permission.

Will post the modulated code when I get the chance.

Well, as my millions of masses of followers surely can tell, I’m slowly learning about blog design and CSS.  Last few weeks was the Ambiru template.  This week it’s me versus Chaos Theory.

Chaos Theory does not have a header graphic, ordinarily.  I whipped these up a few minutes ago and am going to see if I can make one of them work.  Hummingbirds, why not?

Well, they’re too small….the hummingbirds were 330px by 720px…’s a whole handful that are were supposed to be 780 px wide but I screwed up and are all 709 px by 300px (a lot of good that will do me)….all made with ArtRage2.5.

And, here’s how my style sheet looks where I added one of these as a header: