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All made with ArtRage 2.5 and Picasaicon.  Help yourself!



Trying out my new fractral textures, aiming at a fancy marbled look……if you see one you like, feel free to help yourself!  All made with ArtRage 2.5.  780 px x 260 px jpegs.

starlightWell, it was The GImp’s animation generator vs. Deviant Art’s strict rule that an icon be no more than 50 px by 50px and 15 KB.  Trying to make a good looking animated gif in tiny proportions with The Gimp was a pain in the ol’ buttinsky.  Picasion saved me (heck, it was even easy) and allowed this little bright star to shine into existence.  The alternative, of course, being a quick trip to the computer’s recycle bin to the discord of much mundane muttering and swearing from me.  All this because I read that silly, irritating blinking icons really do get you noticed at busy places like Deviant Art. It’s not that I want to be famous.  It’s that I’ve offered up a gazillion stock photos that I think people should be aware of….. part of my ongoing effort to beautify the internet with pretty floral photos.  -LW

fractal_icepinkThe last few evenings before I go to bed, I’ve been playing with a fractal generator that is part of the open-source software, The Gimp:  I converted them into basic grey-scale jpegs to use as stencils in my much beloved ArtRage program and am sharing them with the world at large.  You could use them with just about any graphics program that uses layers….frames, background textures, virtual oilslicks, a computer-generated painting of a surprising imaginary underwater discovery?  As the title suggests, these  graphics  make me think of marbling or ice crytstals on a window, in particular.  These are addictive to make and I find them exciting to play with, so expect more sets of different styles to come soon….

Per my usual habit, these are freebies.  Please don’t redistribute the group without asking first and if you make anything with them, I’d love to see what you’ve made!


I spend time every day over at the forums for the ArtRage community….it’s a wonderful place to visit and the members are most definitely above par.   The environment is warm, friendly and gives me quite the creative boost.  Anyway, from time to time I post photos up with a challenge for people to interpret them artistically.  First, I posted flamboyant red parrot tulips.  I was quite surprised at the amount of participation!  Great fun!  So, next, I posted a challenge featuring blue irises.  Again, there were so many interesting and intriguing, as well as down-right stunning, entries that I was a bit agog.

I want to take the opportunity to highlight one submission in particular:  it’s by an artist dubbed Belvrog and I think it is extraordinary.  The first time I glanced at it, I thought it was a fine photorealistic rendition.  On second look, however, I just about jumped out of my seat.

Belvrog’s creation:

And, the original photo (irises belonged to  neighbor):

Nifty, eh?