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flowergridI’ve been meaning to make these for quite a while and sure am glad that I did!  These are F*U*N!  Okay, so here’s what I’m talking about:  a handful of stencils or black and white clipart, whatever you want to call it, for making flower scenes.  Daisy-types, individual centers, roses, daffodils, foliage, stems……this should really give you something to play with.  Also included is a variety of containers to put the flowers in as well as a few butterflies and similar critters.  Tested out with great success by my 4-yr-old with the ArtRage 2.5 program and I am not ashamed to say that I also had a very pleasant time trying the stencils out.  I have many pleasant plans for these…..

Because there are so many images, I’ve combined them into a zip file that is hosted over at Deviant Art The files are all jpegs, offered with black or white backgrounds.  You photoshop people can easily convert them to pngs as you like.

Not into digital art?  These would work quite fine printed out onto card stock and traced as templates…..glue them into cards and collages!


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